Grannies in swimsuits

After three days of a crazy work schedule here in Dublin, I’m more tired than…a very tired thing. My brain is mush and I’m rather looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. Actually, not eating my dinner in the same room I sleep in would be a welcome change.

Room service is not as glamorous as Daniel Craig and Roger Moore would have you believe.

I have, however, had access to a sauna in this hotel, which makes for a lovely end to the day. Except for last night, when the pool was full of pensioners doing an aqua aerobics class. The sauna wasn’t particularly relaxing when (bad) 90’s dance music was pumping across the building.

And then they all decided to join me in the steam room, so I was surrounded by grannies in swimsuits. Very revealing swimsuits. And they seemed to be somehow annoyed at the fact that I was in the steam room with them. Lots of not so subtle comments about how it was “very crowded” and how some people “hog space” in the spa.

Okay ladies… Firstly, the aerobics aren’t working. Secondly, I’m really very small so I’m not taking up much room. Thirdly, you need to cover up some of that leather-like flesh.

So, not very relaxing. Still, I slept like a baby all the same.

And I haven’t had to eat any mystery meat lasagne this week, which is always a bonus.

  1. Made me laugh, thank you



  2. Should’ve farted. Guys can do that on a whim.



    1. Not even I would fart in a steam room. I’m not a beast…



      1. Oh, COME ON! Hilarity would ensue! Fine, you’re so posh these days, Dr.


      2. That’s me. The ultimate posh boy…


      3. Speaking of ill-manner grannies in swimsuits, mum looked at me today — apropos of nothing — ‘Why haven’t you gone to England in a while? How long has it been?’ It’s apparent that I need to blow this taco stand of a country for a while. England’s ‘easy.’ I’m thinking Australia and a visit to my Cali friends (which is almost a different country). I’m going to scare wits out of as many people as I can this year, methinks. At least a couple trips, if possible.


      4. Australia would be amazing. I’ve never been, but looks great. And I liked what I saw of California 🙂


      5. I don’t deal well with anything above 70F, so I’m thinking I’d have to go to Oz in their winter! You were in city-CA. I spend my time in mountainous CA. When I go the next time, I’ll be south — near San Diego. I still want to go to San Fran, even though it’s city!


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