Getting old? Moi?

I spent last night catching up with some old friends I went to University with. It’s been a while since we all got together, so most of the night was spent reminiscing and embarrassing each other about various youthful indiscretions. Cringe-inducing, but hilarious all the same.

Dinner at the lovely Green Hen, where due to circumstances beyond my control, I had one and a half main courses, followed by drinks at the Old Stand, then more at Odessa. I crawled into bed some time after 3am, but didn’t get much sleep due to the random drunk guy wandering up and down the corridor outside my hotel room, trying to find his own room.

He used quite a novel approach, verging on the scientific. Basically (as I observed by looking through the peephole in my hotel room door) he tried to use his key card in every single door. But not only that, he gave the door handles a thorough rattle for good measure and then, when he couldn’t get in, marked the success of his hypothesis-testing by letting out a hearty “fuck!”.

It was a delight.

Why didn’t I go out and tell him to shut the hell up? A quick look at him indicated he weight approximately three of me and was wearing a football shirt. I opted to hide in my room, cursing him under my breath and watching god-awful news coverage courtesy of Sky News.

So needing to get up this morning at 9am, was quickly pushed back to 10am. But I needed to check out by 11am, so needs must. I now feel ever so slightly sleep-deprived and non need some of coffee – preferably injected directly into my eyes. I’m on a train out to Dun Laoghaire to catch up with some other fiends over lunch.

Amazingly, there is now free wifi on the DART, enabling me to type out this post while slowly crawling through the south Dublin suburbs. “Defective train at Sydney Parade” was definitely not music to my ears. I’m hoping some coffee and sea air will have me feeling like my old self in a couple of hours.

  1. Boo! My brother called the cops on one group of rowdy drunks (who wouldn’t GO into their own rooms…one supposes they had rooms but can’t be sure).



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