Flashback: Technicolour Dublin

I’m in the middle of a massive household sort and clear-out mission this weekend, all in preparation for moving house in the coming weeks.

I came across a box of the most amazing old postcards from Ireland. I have a vague memory of getting these from my grandmother in Dublin and have had them in a box for years. I thought I’d scan some and share them here.


The first of these is a view down the Liffey, with the green dome of the Four Courts in the background. This view isn’t that different nowadays, give or take an additional bridge over the river! It’s impossible to date these postcards accurately, but the next one gives us a hint.


This is a view of O’Connell Street and as we can see Nelson’s Pillar and not The Spire in the background, we can conclude this was taken some time before 1966 (when the IRA made a hamfisted attempt to blow the thing up). Judging by the cars and fashions on the picture, not that long before 1966.

A few things strike me about the photo. One, don’t Dublin busses look much better in green? I miss them. Nowadays, they come in a lurid blue and yellow combo. Also, look how many ads for cigarettes/tobacco there are on the buildings. A very different time.


This final photo is of the Customs House, which is now the Dept. of Environment, Community and Local Government. It’s one of my favourite Dublin buildings, especially when lit up at night.

Anyway, if anybody out there can somehow hep me date these postcards, I’d be very grateful.

  1. Glorious technicolour – nothing like it. Great post.



    1. Thanks! I love these old photos. And for me, it’s amazing to see the city I grew up in look so different – and at the same time, not that different at all.



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