Empire man strikes again!

Spotted in London City Airport this morning: red faced, middle-aged man in Panama hat, with wife. Forces her to stand in a separate queue so they can maximise their chances of getting to the front.

Barking orders at her like a sergeant major and when her queue moves faster, causes commotion by moving his many suitcase from his line to hers, pushing his now empty luggage trolley right into my shin.

He of course glares at me for having the temerity to exist in the same universe as he does.

Sir, I wish you a long and bumpy flight. I hope you ingest a very disturbing gastric bug and spend your holiday dashing between toilets. I hope they lose your luggage. And someone steals your goddamned Panama hat.

Kudos to the British Airways check in staff member who stepped in to move his trolley out of everyone’s way. And all with the sweetest of smiles.

But the eyes…her eyes spoke volumes. “I’ve been dealing with arseholes like this my entire career.”

  1. Glad you’re where you are now and that porter (or whomever) deserves a gold star!



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