This bed, though…


I travel for business a lot. That means dealing with the rough and the smooth when it comes to hotels and hotel beds in particular.

Right now, I’m working in Cheltenham and staying in a really rather lovely hotel. And I have to say, it has one of the loveliest hotel beds I’ve ever crawled into. I didn’t touch it when I first arrived yesterday afternoon, as I had to hop straight onto a phone call and then sat at the desk at my laptop for several hours.

But when I finally got into bed….wow. I’ve had a run of pretty awful sleep lately and wasn’t looking forward to another night away from home. But last night, despite all the awful news on TV, I slept like a baby.

Right through until my alarm went off this morning.

I prefer a firm bed, but this one enveloped me like I was back in the womb. I drifted off in minutes and really found it difficult to come out from under the covers.

I have to admit, I immediately made myself a coffee and got straight back into bed so I could enjoy just a few minutes more.

  1. That sounds rather interesting. Could you possibly tell us the name of the bed manufacture, if you checked??



    1. I’m afraid I didn’t! Sorry 😀

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      1. Thank you for your reply! That’s alright! Thank you anyway! I enjoy reading your blog by the way.

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      2. Thank you for reading!!

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  2. I have to say the first thing I would have done would have been to check he manufacturer of the bed, mattress, bedding, etc!

    Totally unrelated, oh gentleman-who-has-just-flipped-flopped-back-from-Nexus-to-iPhone; any thoughts on Pixel?!

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    1. I was too busy sleeping! 😜



    2. Also, re Pixel, looks nice but I think it’s a) pricey if they want to attract more customers and b) needs wider distribution. Wish them well – Apple need some serious competition.

      I was disappointed there was no replacement for the nexus 7. I love monkey but it’s getting long in the tooth.



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