Seoul in 8 minutes…

I opened iMovie on my MacBook for the first time this morning. I was determined to get to grips with an app that is praised for being easy to use, especially as I’ve collected lots of video from my various travels.

Why not edit them, tidy them up and share them online?

Some minor frustrations aside, it was pretty easy to just drop in some photos and video clips and make a single video out of it all. It’s not going to win any oscars, but as a way of sharing images and sounds with friends and family, it’s great.

Here’s my first ‘production’, an eight-minute summary of our couple of days in Seoul last month. I feel like YouTube offers more in the way of sound and on-screen edits, so I might produce the next one there. I feel like I’m wasting all this video I took in Japan if I don’t do anything with it. And I like to learn new skills, so maybe YouTube is my future.

Anyway, here’s Seoul – complete with stock music soundtrack:

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