And my journey to Japan, part one….

My journey to rendevou with @macpsych started at Heathrow. 


I left home just before the rush hour started, getting to Heathrow in good time about 2 1/2 hrs before departure. Virgin check-in was a breeze (Also as AirPrtr had collected the heavy suitcase the night before) and soon I was off to the special door which would take me to the Virgin Club House. 

All was well till I got to the fast track security. There was a lady in front of me with her two kids and nanny plus lots of items (liquids) that were not allowed.  Anyway, the security staff handled the situation well and I was off to the Club House, lounge H in T3. 

First impressions: it was huge and reminded me of a slightly larger Qatar Biz lounge in Doha. Food selection was so, so and despite a couple of pre-prepared plates, all food was to order. So, you need to take your time if you plan to visit and eat before departure. 

After having a quick walk around the lounge, I headed toward gate 21 where my flight to Hong Kong was ready to board. I timed it well. Boarding was just starting, as I walked up and I managed to board first. I quickly found my seat 4A in the Upper Class cabin of this 3 year old Boeing 787-9 named “Maid Marian”.

I quickly got settled into my seat and was offered the usual, champagne, water or orange juice.

After getting settled into the seat, which I had experienced before on an Air New Zealand in 011, when we flew from LAX to LHR with bmi diamond club points in 2011.  The purser came round to introduce himself, a nice touch and a joke as he stumbled with my rather long surname.

After a rather long taxi we took off toward the west before turning North East and heading over Europe, Russia, a couple of “Stans” to Hong Kong.

The flight itself was pretty unremarkable and so was the food in my opinion.  Of the food and drink offered, the best feature was the cocktail list, as they serve my favourite….

… the Mojito with a nice side of crisps. Yummy.

Overall the food menu looked okay, with some standard choices, some sort of beef, chicken and fish.  I opted for the Thai curry, which was not amazing and as a main was served before the starter….?   Which I later received after highlighting it.  Obviously, I rounded off the meal with a very nice chocolate cake, I think the best item of the meal.

Following the meal, my bed was quickly made up and I had time to get some sleep for the remaining 9 hrs of the journey.  The bed was okay, bit hard, and the pillow was a bit small, bu luckily I managed to get about 5/6 hours before being served a light breakfast before landing.

My verdict: Virgin is okay, but not amazing.  The service was good and the bar area in the cabin a nice touch.  I am still confused on why the seat faces away from the window, this must be so more seats fit in the cabin, but a bit of a shame when you like looking out on the window.


Hoorah.. our luggage made it :). AirPrtr worked!

Time to find the Regal Hotel for my one night in Hong Kong.

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